Winter Wrap-Up

We’d like to thank the many partners who worked with Greensboro Urban Ministry (GUM) during the winter months to provide shelter to those without housing.

GUM is the largest provider of overnight shelter in the city, with 100 beds for men and women and 16 studio apartments for families at Pathways Center.

In Weaver House shelter, GUM can accommodate 86 men and 14 women 365 nights a year. From Dec. 1 through March 31, our WE site congregational partners provide additional beds for men and women. The Weaver House lobby is open every night and can accommodate up to 20 additional people when our beds are full.

Working with partners including the IRC, YWCA, First Baptist Church and the city of Greensboro, we helped to ensure that people living outside had access to a safe place to escape dangerously cold nights (white flag emergency “feels like” temperatures of 25 degrees or colder for two hours or more).

Last winter:

  • Weaver Extension (WE) sites sheltered 123 men and women from Dec. 1-March 31. This includes an additional WE site GUM operated for 15 women at the W. Gate City Blvd. location.
    • WE Sites for 2015-16:
      Faith Step Ministries (Men)
      Grace Community Church (Men)
      Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Men)
      West Market Street United Methodist (Men)
  • Weaver House sheltered 322 men and women from Dec. 1 through March 31. The overflow lobby was open every night during that period. An average of 12 people a night stayed in the lobby; however, on non-emergency white flag nights, our lobby sheltered as many as 38 people in a night.

Our West Gate City Boulevard location — in the shelter, WE site, and lobby — sheltered an average of 125 people a night.

Our city continues to struggle with an affordable housing crisis that pushes many in poverty out of housing and into shelters, or the street. Please take time to learn more in these articles from the News & Record and Triad City Beat. Rev. Kim Priddy from First Baptist Church shares a reflection about the white flag emergency response.