Winning the Fight to End Homelessness

It was the winter that seemed to have no end. Yet, thanks to your support, we were able to help the people we serve through one of the most difficult winters in memory. Our overflow homeless population was sheltered through our WE! (Winter Emergency) Shelter sites. When winter weather caused power outages and, with it, the loss of refrigeration, your donations met the need for families seeking to replace the food which they lost. While Spring has come, Winter will make one big last hit on the poor when high power bills will catch up with needy families, pushing them over the cliff into homelessness. With your support, our Emergency Assistance Program will save the day.

At the end of January, Partners Ending Homelessness completed Guilford County’s annual Point in Time Count of the Homeless. As has been the case since 2010, the count of homeless individuals was down from the previous year. This shows that the efforts of all the different agencies serving the homeless, like Greensboro Urban Ministry, are beginning to bear fruit. Our Beyond GUM program, which uses a rapid re-housing model, is positioned to expand in the coming year to serve more homeless individuals and families. With this expansion, the day is coming closer when ending homelessness will be a reality.

There is a plan in place that is tested and true – we can end homelessness!

As a rabid college sports fan, I follow my school with a passion that is not unusual to find on Tobacco Road. As with our plan of bringing an end to homelessness, my team’s success is influenced by the support they receive from the community. While attending a sporting event recently, an individual gave $7 million dollars to help build an athletic training facility. A few years ago, an individual gave the same institution a gift of $10 million to build a scoreboard. In our local community, we are all aware that nearly $70 million has been raised to build a fine arts center. I’m sure the training center will help my favorite student athletes successfully compete for many championships. I enjoy the scoreboard. And, I’m sure I’ll attend many concerts at the fine arts center. Most important, what all of this generosity shows, is that there are sufficient financial resources to end homelessness in our community. We need just to convince those who have the resources to support our cause. May we all join together to defeat homelessness!