WE site case management

Greensboro Urban Ministry has contracted with local nonprofit agency Turning Point 180 this winter to provide case management services to clients staying in Weaver Extension shelters.

Each winter, Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Weaver House shelter program coordinates Weaver Extension (WE) shelter sites with congregational partners to offer additional beds for men and women from December 1 to March 31. This year these partners are providing 64 additional shelter beds.

Director of Programs Mark Sumerford says adding case management at the WE sites is an important investment for the agency. “Now folks at the WE sites and Weaver House will have access to the same types of services. Having regular meetings with a case manager to discuss housing, employment and financial resources gives our clients help in setting realistic goals and workable plans to resolve their homelessness and regain longer-term stability.”

In the past year, Greensboro Urban Ministry has added three new positions to work with Weaver House and Weaver Extension shelter clients. The agency was able to accomplish this expansion after the Board of Directors voted to invest up to $1 million of the agency’s cash reserves to hire added staff and fund the services needed to help more clients gain and maintain stable housing.

“While not an easy choice, it was the right choice to try to meet the increasing need in our community,” said Executive Director Rev. Myron Wilkins. “We are first responders to crisis, and have been since 1967. Part of this response is putting out the fires in our clients’ lives. Part of this is also looking beyond the destruction to rebuilding hope.”

The case managers are members of the Beyond GUM program staff. They will assess clients’ situations with them – the collaborative approach is the key. “The client is setting goals based on where he or she wants to go,” Sumerford said. “We help them identify and access the resources they will need to get there, and develop a realistic plan with deadlines.” This plan becomes the focus of their work together.

Turning Point 180 is a nonprofit that offers supportive services including housing and employment counseling, life skills and pre-homeownership resources to those in need in Guilford County.

Your support is helping us redouble our efforts to meet men, women and families at their point of need – thank you!