Uniting the Community for a Common Goal

When issues of the “Fiscal Cliff” and “Sequestration” where causing division in political circles, further compounding the already charged political climate this past Fall, the Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk and Run served as a unifying agent within our community. Over 6,000 individuals took a stand on October 14, 2012, against the growing issue of hunger and poverty in our community by walking and running to raise more than $212,000 to fight hunger.

With reduced government benefits and rising food costs, many in our community are left unable to pay all of their bills – having to choose between shelter, food, or utilities. Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Potter’s House Community Kitchen, who receives 25% of CROP funds, helps to ease that burden by providing a hot, nutritious lunch every day to 450-600 individuals. This is especially important for the children who are provided with food assistance. Every year, malnutrition kills some 3.5 million children worldwide, while as many as 10 times that number have to live with the effects of hunger and poor nutrition. If left unchecked, poor nutrition early in life can cause problems later on. The first 1,000 days of life – roughly from the moment of conception to a child’s second birthday – are critical. Without proper nutrition children cannot perform in school, leading to poor graduation rates, low college attendance, and lower future earning potential – perpetuating the cycle.

Working together, We can stop hunger. With the Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk and Run, the Greensboro Community takes a large step toward that goal. Please join us this year on Sunday, October 20th as we continue our battle against hunger.