Three Ways to Respond to Need

You’ve often asked us what the best thing is to do when you encounter neighbors who are hungry, hurting or even homeless. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment – crisis can happen to any one of us, anytime. From this perspective:

  1. Engage. Say hello, talk to the person seeking your help. Be willing to have a conversation. Find out what’s happening. Treat the person seeking your help with the same humanity and kindness you value.
  1. Give. Keep a blessing bag or two in your car – a Ziploc of snacks and a water bottle, or a Ziploc with toiletries – that you can share with someone at the intersection. You can also share a caring card directing folks to our services at Greensboro Urban Ministry. We’ve created a Caring Card that you can download on a printable sheet from our website:
  1. Advocate. Raising your voice against the scourges of poverty begins with a willingness to learn about the issues and talk about them among your family, friends and associates. When those who have choose to speak for those who do not, our community discovers the best opportunities to grow and thrive. What are the issues that greatly affect those in poverty? Lack of affordable housing, adequate food and well-paying jobs are three major barriers.