Summer time is here . . .

Financial Support Changes Lives

Summer time is finally here . . . but for many children, being out of school means one less meal per day.

Each day a person goes without normal nourishment it causes discomfort and places strain on the normal function of their body.  The body does not work as effectively under the influence of hunger. Most people will experience tiredness or fatigue, headache, dry mouth, weakness or dizziness and trouble focusing, limiting their ability to focus and perform normal activities.

As schools let out for the summer, many children in our community are left without the nutritious breakfast and lunch meals they received at school.  A sad statistic in our state is that one in four children experience hunger and food insecurity on a regular basis. Amazingly, over 19% of the individuals in Guilford County are food insecure – they do not know with certainty where they will find their next meal.  To make ends meet, families turn to Potter’s House Community Kitchen and our Emergency Assistance Program to provide food for their families, causing the number of clients we serve each day to increase significantly over the summer.

With more than 2,600 homeless children in Guilford County, many families are staying with friends and relatives. Tensions often arise during the summer months when children are out of school and around the house.  As a result, these doubled up families are often asked to leave and end up at Urban Ministry needing not only food, but also shelter.

Although needs rise substantially in the summer, resources dwindle as many of our supporters go on vacation.  This leads to a decrease in donations of money and food during the summer.  With the help of the community, we can meet the needs of our neighbors and put food into the homes of Greensboro residents.

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