Serving the Homeless, Hungry, and Poor

Your Support HelpsAt Greensboro Urban Ministry, we are committed to serving the homeless, hungry, and poor of our local community. Working in partnership with many other agencies and groups, our goal is to end homelessness and hunger. The obstacles are many, but with your help, we can make that goal a reality!

Food insecurity is a plague in our community with one in 4 Guilford county children, as well as one in 5 adults affected. The prevalence of hunger ranks North Carolina as the 6th most food insecure state in the country. This problem is largely due to high unemployment and low unemployment benefits, which offer a maximum weekly payment of $350 for 20 weeks. With benefits scarce and the cost of living high, many in our community unable to pay all of their bills – having to choose between shelter, food, or utilities. Unable to pay one or more of these, a family will lose their housing, and become homeless. The problems worsen in the summer when children are home from school resulting in increased food and childcare costs.

Greensboro Urban Ministry strives to fill the gap between individual income and government benefits to help stabilize individuals experiencing crisis. Our Emergency Assistance Program provides emergency food assistance bags, which include fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein, to help ensure that those receiving assistance are eating balanced nutritious meals. By helping to ebb the pains of hunger, recipients are provided with some peace of mind and the fortitude necessary to focus on other areas of crisis in their lives. While roughly 80% of the families and individuals receiving food assistance are financially stable outside of their food needs, nearly 20% of recipients are in need of additional assistance. For these individuals, our Emergency Assistance Program is able to offer financially assistance to help ensure that stability can be regained.

Unfortunately, Greensboro Urban Ministry cannot prevent homelessness for everyone. During the summer months, more than 70 families will see seek assistance through our Pathways Center for Homeless Families. With more than 2,600 homeless children in Guilford County, many families stay with friends and family. When children are out of school and around the house, more tensions rise, and these families are forced to seek alternative housing. They turn to Greensboro Urban Ministry for help, support, and encouragement. With your help, we can provide the necessary resources to return these families to stability through our housing programs.

We believe in our clients and know that you do too. With your help, we will end homelessness and hunger in our community.

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