Serving Others

In certain circles in the Greensboro community the name Ms. Thelma can mean only one person – Thelma Stevenson. A volunteer with Greensboro Urban Ministry for more than twenty years, Ms. Thelma offers love to the hungry in our community through her amazing cooking every Thursday. Says Thelma, “I just put love in it and enjoy seeing people enjoy the food.”

As a young girl, Ms. Thelma knew hunger all too well. One of fourteen children, Ms. Thelma was raised by a single mother who provided for the family by share cropping. She recalls that she often went to school hungry because there simply wasn’t enough food to go around. Despite these obstacles, Ms. Thelma was the first in her family to graduate and her experience created a strong desire to serve.

Ms. Thelma’s involvement with Greensboro Urban Ministry began in the 1980’s when she first saw the need in Greensboro. Cooking food in her own home kitchen, Ms. Thelma would bring the food to Potter’s House for distribution once a week. As the demands for a hot meal grew, Ms. Thelma went to her church, then South English Street Church of Christ, and asked that the church help support this mission work. The church, now Sharpe Road Church of Christ, rallied behind Ms. Thelma and has been providing lunch on the third Thursday of the month ever since.

For thirty years guests at Potter’s House Community Kitchen have come to look forward to Ms. Thelma’s smiling face and the love that she serves on Thursdays. Of her experience volunteering, Ms. Thelma says “I just love doing what I do and give praise to God because that’s what he tells us to do.”

Ms. Thelma is one of more than 2,000 individuals who volunteer each year with Greensboro Urban Ministry. Thanks to their dedication and support, Greensboro Urban Ministry is able to fulfill the mission of expressing the love of God to those in need through practical action in the Greater Greensboro area.