Serving Others

Two things these volunteers have in common – a love of singing and a love to serve others. Linda and Spencer Sullivan met Lee Ann Browing while singing in the choir at Oak Ridge United Methodist Church. After Lee Ann was offered a chance opportunity to be a substitute server with the Sullivans at a Pathways Center meal, a 15 year tradition was formed.

Every 4th Tuesday is a special night, not only for the residents, but also for the staff. Susan Taylor, Activity Coordinator at Pathways Center, looks forward to seeing the trio each month as she considers them more than volunteers, she sees them as friends. Susan also speaks highly of Linda’s famous meatloaf, which has become a favorite at Pathways with the empty pans to prove it.

As the trio is serving dinner, Lee Ann speaks of the enjoyment she gets from serving at Pathways. She says, “[They] have lots of fun and enjoy meeting people.” Spencer talks about missions and serving others with great passion. He says “Passion is contagious”, referring to the fact it took one mission experience to change his life. Spencer’s passion about serving at Pathways Center is evident in his comments. He says, “I love being here, I love seeing the people, and especially spending time with the kids”.

The group has one memory they all agree stands out. Years ago, a little boy who was living at the Pathway Center with his family told the group this was “the best place he had ever lived.” This one moment reminds them how much their service means to others.

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