Potter’s House Community Kitchen

Food hardship is a serious national problem.  This area of the United States has ranked in highest in food hardship for nearly ten years.

Given the persistence of continued high unemployment and underemployment rates, reduced government benefits and rising food costs, many individuals are unable to pay all of their bills – having to choose between shelter, food, or utilities.

Potter’s House Community Kitchen provides a hot, nutritious, well-balanced lunch every day, including holidays. Community kitchen guests come from all over the city, and for many of them, this may be the only meal they will eat that day. We have an open-door policy – everyone is welcome, without question or qualification.

The community lunch begins promptly at 10:30 am when the doors open, and the first of the guests start to stream in. Each guest is seated and served a drink from the beverage station and a tray from the food line. By 12:30 the last of the guests have received their meal. More than 400 guests will be fed during the community lunch hour.

In addition to the community lunch, 100 guests staying in GUM’s Weaver House shelter receive breakfast and dinner in Potter’s House. These two meals are frequently sponsored by church and civic groups that have been coming out weekly for 15 years or more.

Volunteers – The Potter’s House Community kitchen is always in need of reliable, courteous volunteers that are comfortable in a kitchen setting working directly with clients and large crowds. If you volunteer, you will be working in a team setting to assist in the preparing and serving of food, and then help with the clean-up so that the kitchen is ready for the next meal. You may be required to stand for long periods and must follow food handler’s hygiene practices. Tasks that are assigned to volunteers may include serving food, plating desserts, brewing coffee, making ice tea, washing dishes, putting away food, wiping off tables, etc.

To volunteer contact: Gail Gore-Lewis
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(336) 271-5959 ext. 308