Weaver House



Weaver House Night Shelter offers year round shelter to adult men and women. Weaver House accommodates 100 people nightly — 84 men and 16 women — in separate dormitory-style rooms.

The Weaver House lobby is 365 nights a year and can accommodate an additional 25 men and women. On dangerously cold winter nights, the lobby serves as one of the city’s White Flag Warming Centers. Our lobby guests are invited to join Weaver House guests for breakfast in Potter’s House Community Kitchen.

Would you like to support our guests by providing kits of personal care items? You can bundle items in something as simple as an extra-large Ziploc bag, or something like a small duffel or backpack. Here is a list of items that are always needed and appreciated by Weaver House shelter guests:

  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Toiletry items (shampoo, soap, shaving kits, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brush)

Michael Pearson is the director of Weaver House shelter and the Weaver Extension (WE) winter shelter programs. Michael graduated from Earlham College and earned his MSW from Indiana University-Purdue University. His work has focused in mental health and addiction, his experience includes case management, therapeutic treatment, and program management.

Weaver House Desk
Phone  336.553.2665


Meet Patrick, AmeriCorps team member in Weaver House:

Meet Patrick, one of the Greensboro Urban Ministry AmeriCorps team members. Patrick began working at the Weaver House with GUM after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology. He’s worked hard the last 5 months to develop relationships with our guests and staff.

Patrick said, “When I’m home I actually find myself missing work, I don’t notice the time when working, I love what I do and how it impacts the clients.”

After graduating, Patrick was interested in broadening his professional experience. From coursework, he found himself drawn to underserved populations which included those experiencing homelessness. In order to gain that experience, he applied for the AmeriCorps program and interviewed at Greensboro Urban Ministry to fill a position at our Weaver House shelter. Michael Pearson, director of Weaver House, describes Patrick as “an avid listener that does his best to make others happy and feel appreciated.”

When Patrick finds himself reminiscing on the clients he has recently worked with, ranging from a professional boxer to a single mother who needed help learning math, he says “Greensboro Urban Ministry has given me the opportunity to do meaningful work for others and use my time to help them. I know our work is impacting people, because I was able to help a woman learn math for her GED. Then, she found permanent housing for herself and her baby.”

“I’m very grateful for my time at Greensboro Urban Ministry, I have met so many people and have seen miracles happen inside these walls.” Patrick said. Michael quoted Patrick recently “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” Thank you Patrick for helping our neighbors in need get a good night’s sleep.

Meet Howard, a former client in our Weaver House Night Shelter.