Care and Support

The situations that compel men, women and families to turn to us for help are highly emotional and extremely challenging.

Our Potter’s House Community Kitchen guests include more and more service industry workers on their lunch hour. Our emergency assistance clients carry in their pockets bills they can’t pay because they’ve lost their jobs — or even work two jobs — and can’t make ends meet. Our shelter guests may come to us with all they still retain in a few bags. Often, their relationships with family and friends have become exhausted.

We find ourselves at the center of these very real struggles with our guests, and our goal is to walk alongside them, treating them with respect and compassion. Key to our services are caring staff, who are grounded in their work by our chaplaincy staff and Stephen Ministers. These caring men and women, some staff and some volunteers, help us to remember our responsibility and privilege to care for those in our community who need us most. They share their presence and caring with our guests, staff and volunteers.

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