Urban Pilgrimage Apr. 11

Step into your faith with Rev. Frank Dew, head of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Chaplaincy Program, on his semi-annual Urban Pilgrimage.

The next Urban Pilgrimage is scheduled for Monday, April 11. Parking is available in the Greensboro Urban Ministry front parking lot (305 W. Gate City Blvd.) The pilgrimage will begin at 9 a.m. and include stops at places such as at the Guilford County jail, the courthouse, banks, shelters, and the Depot transportation center.

“We are praying with our feet, so to speak,” says Dew. “At each stop, we will pause to reflect and share Scripture verses. This is a pilgrimage to walk in the shoes of those who face poverty, injustice, homelessness and other deprivations.”

The group will return to Greensboro Urban Ministry’s 305 West Gate City Boulevard building for lunch with guests at Potter’s House Community Kitchen. Participants are also welcome to attend the daily worship service at Weaver House shelter at 12:30 p.m. The event will wrap up around 1 p.m.

“So often, days for many people are spent in the car dashing from place to place, in a part of town where they do not see or know the issues some of their neighbors are facing,” Dew adds. “This walk is an exercise in compassion and awareness.”

For more information, please call Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Chaplaincy Office at (336) 553-2651.