Overcoming Trauma

Crystal, a bright student who received high marks, was just a semester away from her medical assistant’s degree when she experienced a life-changing trauma that caused a bout of severe depression. As a result, Crystal dropped out of school, lost her job, lost her housing, and found herself at Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Weaver House Singles Shelter, where she met Audrey Thornton, Beyond GUM Employment Specialist.

As Crystal worked to emerge from homelessness, Thornton was her mentor and cheerleader. Crystal shared that while the overall support she received from GUM was outstanding, “Ms. Thornton was such a great source of support.” Indeed, Thornton worked with Crystal to connect her with GUM financial assistance resources for utility deposits, allowing her to move into a new apartment. Thornton also provided the support and encouragement to help Crystal find a job in a new field.

Crystal experienced homelessness, yet it has not defined her. Like many of the clients served by Greensboro Urban Ministry, homelessness was just a bump on her road to success.