Lowering Barriers

We are building our capacity on our front lines of service. In addition, we are identifying and lowering barriers that can prevent our guests from getting the help they need.

Our Board has chosen to invest a significant portion of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s endowment resources to serve our guests better. Our work has focused on adding key case managers and shelter staff while maintaining service and assistance levels in other programs.

What will the Board’s investment mean for our guests?

  • First, our guests will have support to create the plans and time frames they need to resolve their homelessness. The 67-day rule will no longer be in effect.
  • Next, our shelters will be able to offer client-centered assistance in a manner that will reduce barriers to needed services and empower our guests to achieve long-term success.
  • Finally, our guests can continue to find help for rent, food and utility assistance requests, which have nearly doubled on some days this year. This short-term assistance can prevent homelessness or help someone experiencing homelessness to get re-established quickly in a home.

The News & Record, News 14 and Fox 8 have covered these changes.

Thank you for staying with us on the front lines to help those in our community who are most vulnerable. We hope you will help GUM continue to strengthen our community by providing for those in greatest need.