Isaiah’s Garden

For many, garden represents beauty, growth, and perhaps sustenance, but for 15 year-old Isaiah, a garden represents the fruition of a dream.
Isaiah, like all of the children at Partnership Village, was provided with the opportunity to work with tutoring volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays during his stay. During these tutoring sessions, many of the volunteers discovered that Isaiah had a passion for growing things. These volunteers fed his interest by introducing him to books about gardening and educating him on the process of starting seedlings at home. With a dream of a garden of his own, the tutors and Partnership Village staff helped Isaiah transform a small corner of the property near the office into “Isaiah’s Garden.”

“Perhaps the most wondrous aspect of the teamwork that came about [during the planting of the garden] was the appearance of [other Partnership Village children] who showed up and worked hard” shared Bill Seabrook, a tutor and friend of the Partnership Village community. Gardening brought out the best of Isaiah and allowed him to display his leadership ability. “He was clear, demanding and got the results he was after from his volunteer team” Bill shared.

Just like Thomas Jefferson, whom he learned about in History class, Isaiah carries a journal to assist him in his agriculture. He notes details about the weather for the week, when he waters, what and when he has planted, and the like. Excited about the final results of his hard work, Isaiah plans to sell the fruits of his labor in the Partnership Village parking lot so that the other residents can enjoy the produce that they have watched grow from mysterious mounds of dirt into a beautiful, organic yield.