Organize a Food Drive

Organizing a food drive can be simple, easy and fun!  With the provided materials, you can run a successful food drive with a minimum time commitment.  This drive will make a difference in the lives of low-income children and families across the greater Greensboro community!

Five steps to a successful food drive:

1. SELECT THE DATES OF YOUR DRIVE. We suggest holding it for up to five days, so your group has one designated week to bring their items in. No matter what length of time you choose, plan on receiving items after your deadline. Expect the actual deadline to be a few days after the deadline that you publicize.  

2. ADVERTISE! Publicity is key to a successful drive. Spread the word to as many people as possible and don’t be shy about reminding them. Send out an email and make announcements. People like to be informed about ways they can help.

3. DISTRIBUTE PRINTED PUBLICITY MATERIALS.  Print out GUM’s Food Drive/ Items Needed Flyer and share it with the group who will be participating.  Display them in public areas such as front desk, break room, classroom or neighborhood community center.

4. SET UP DROP-OFF POINTS WITH DONATION BOXES Print out GUM’s Donation Box Label, place on the food collection boxes and place the boxes in an easily accessible area.  Be sure to place the box or bin where people can see it.

5. COLLECT, COLLECT, COLLECT! The hard part is over and it’s time for you to sit back and watch your group come together to help low-income families. After your food drive is complete, we hope you and your group will visit GUM when you drop off your donations so that we can personally thank you for your donation.


Please INFORM the Director of the Food Pantry of Greensboro Urban Ministry when you have decided to conduct a food drive and you have picked dates for your food drive.  (You can also contact our staff if you have any questions about conducting a Food Drive that are not answered in this information sheet) Food Pantry Director, Mary O’Neill 336.271.5959 ext 361

When you food drive is complete, please contact our Communications & Marketing Manager, Chris Ringuette 336.271.5959 ext. 301  She will photograph your group or your group representative when the donation is dropped off and share this on social media. Chris will also lead your group on a tour of Greensboro Urban Ministry if your schedule allows.