Feeding our Community

Food drives are a popular activity for those in the community looking to do something to help others. But, once the food is collected, where does it go? While Potter’s House Community Kitchen is nearly synonymous with Greensboro Urban Ministry, many erroneously assume the food collected in area food drives is used in the kitchen. Some food items do end up on the tables in Potter’s House, but the vast majority of the more than 1,200,000 pounds of food donated to Greensboro Urban Ministry each year is distributed through our Emergency Assistance Program and our Food Bank.

The Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) provides food bags for hungry individuals in our community. Each bag contains enough food for three balanced meals a day, for three days, for each member in the family, providing critical nutrition to help bridge the gap until recipients are connected with more lasting resources. While the EAP food bags provide targeted assistance directly to individuals in our community, the Food Bank supports and exponentially increases the reach of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s assistance. By partnering with other area non-profits and providing them with food items for a minimal handling fee, Greensboro Urban Ministry and the donors who make our work possible are able to positively impact many more individuals.

With one in five adults in our community lacking adequate nutrition, there is no shortage of demand for feeding programs. Helping Greensboro Urban Ministry expand our reach in fighting hunger is the Arise Tuesday Morning Breakfast provided by Grace Church in downtown Greensboro. The program, which began in November 2010 feeding just eight individuals, now consistently feeds over one hundred individuals a week. Breakfast guests are offered a selection of fruit, doughnuts, waffles or French toast, eggs, and bacon. Costs for such an assortment could quickly become exorbitant; however, thanks to their partnership with Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Food Bank, organizers are able to stretch their dollars. Says volunteer Jane Long, “It’s a wonderful help when you’re feeding that many people.”

Pastor Mark Weekly sees the breakfast as more than just an opportunity to fight hunger, noting that the breakfast is “the best opportunity that I have seen to connect people of different places in life together in a unique community for one morning out of the week.”

Fighting hunger. Connecting individuals. Creating community. Your food donations to Greensboro Urban Ministry accomplish so much.