#FeedGSO Drive: 71,950 pounds!


Food and cash donations are coming in from last weekend’s #FeedGSO Spring Community Food Drive, and we’re excited to share that your support is pushing our totals well ahead of Spring 2016!

As of April 25, our food and cash donations total and equivalent of 71,950 pounds of food that will go to feed hungry families in the greater Greensboro area.

“We count on this community food drive as we head into summer,” said Darrell Campbell, Director of Food Distribution. “We are so grateful that the community gives generously and allows us to continue to reach households who really need our help making ends meet.”

June, July and August are high-demand months in the food pantry in part because families with children on summer vacation cannot count on school-provided breakfast and lunch.

GUM’s food pantry and Emergency Assistance Program manage food distribution to men, women and families with children who don’t have access to enough food each month. In March, for example, GUM distributed 104,575 pounds of food, and 1,494 households received emergency grocery bags. In 2016, the pantry distributed more than 1,153,610 pounds of food, and 20,947 households received emergency grocery bags.

The spring 2016 food drive generated a food and cash equivalent of 67,757 pounds of food.