The Honor Card

2018 Honor Card

This year is the 31st anniversary of The Honor Card, designed by artist William “Bill” Mangum. Since 1988, program has raised more than $7 million for people in need in North Carolina.  Last year at Greensboro Urban Ministry, the Honor Card raised more than $311,000, exceeding the goal of $300,000 for the 30th anniversary.

The theme of this year’s card, Almost Home, is filled with serenity and peacefulness in the snow-laden landscape.  It also reminds us that we are on a journey through life, simply passing through.  With your support of the Honor Card program, funds raised are used to assist our neighbors in need with food, shelter and solutions.

You can purchase Honor Cards at several sites in Greensboro (please see list below) and on our website here.

For a minimum $5 donation per card, buyers receive a beautiful card that is given in the person’s honor at the holidays – and 100% of the donation goes directly to help the homeless and hungry in their community. Expenses for the production of the card are underwritten by William Mangum, an anonymous donor and the Wells Fargo Foundation.   The Honor Card Luncheon is made possible by a sponsorship from Hutchinson Family Offices.

In Greensboro, Honor Cards are available beginning in early November at sites around the city, including Greensboro Urban Ministry and through numerous congregations and retail stores. Cards can also be purchased on the Greensboro Urban Ministry website.

 During the holiday season, Honor Cards are available for a minimum donation of $5 apiece. You can purchase cards online or at participating stores (please see below). You can share cards to friends and family to let them know that a gift has been made in their honor to support Greensboro Urban Ministry’s work in the community.

You can order The Honor Card online or at the participating locations listed below

Where to find The Honor Card

Beginning in early November, Honor Cards will be available at the following locations in Greensboro:


In 1988, Bill created the first Honor Card for Greensboro Urban Ministry. The image, “Not Forgotten,” sold 5,000 cards and raised a record-setting $52,000. Since then, the Honor Card Program has raised more than $4.4 million to support Greensboro Urban Ministry’s guests who are experiencing homelessness, hunger and poverty. Below,  is the video from last year’s 30th Anniversary Honor Card, with Bill sharing the compelling story of the Honor Card.



The Honor Card in years past: