WE site shelters keep more men and women safe on the coldest nights of the year.

Winter Fund 2019

The Winter Emergency (WE) shelter program provides shelter for men and women experiencing homelessness in Greensboro. Greensboro Urban Ministry works with congregational partners to offer additional shelter beds during the cold winter months, December through March. Guests work with case managers to connect with community services and seek employment which we hope will lead to self-sufficiency. Volunteers at WE sites provide a welcoming environment for our guests. Some of those volunteers become passionate advocates, raising awareness of hunger and homelessness within their congregations and the broader Greensboro community.

Special Thanks to our Congregational Partners:
Faith Step Ministries Church
Grace Community Church
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
West Market United Methodist Church

As an extension of the Weaver House Shelter Program, the WE Shelter follows Weaver House admission guidelines. For more information, please contact:

Weaver House Desk
Phone 336.553.2665
Fax  336.553.2809