Collective Impact

A guest post from Rev. Kim Priddy

 Rev. Kim Priddy of First Baptist Church, Greensboro“Collective impact”… words a friend used to explain to me about some committee work she was doing through her place of employment.  It is the idea of a committed group from different sectors coming together with a common agenda for solving a specific social problem.

Collective impact is the term that I would use to best describe our work and ministry together in caring for those outside in frigid weather.  Back last fall, we met (GUM, Interactive Resource Center, YWCA, First Baptist Church, and city representatives) to begin work on assessing needs for the winter of those in housing transition; thus began the work of the White Flag Emergency Plan team.

Together for good

The plan we designed was to make sure that nobody would suffer from freezing weather — especially overnight.  It was exciting to work with different agencies for the good of those who can be easily overlooked.

I was grateful to be invited to the table to represent the voice and resources of the faith community.  We are a part of the landscape of Greensboro and want to be a part of the work and ministry for helping those in need.

How GUM moves the needle

Through our partnership with GUM, we have come to learn more about the needs of our community.  FBC was invited into a relationship to help and love on our most vulnerable neighbors.  Our partnership includes providing canned goods for the food pantry, serving dinner at Pathways, walking in the CROP Walk, working with the White Flag team, hosting the annual Feast of Caring, and so many other ways.

For real change to take place in our community it requires the work and ministry of all of us. Collective impact is an encouraging and efficient way for us to tackle some of our greatest community needs.

 Rev. Kim Priddy, Minister to Missions and Community Outreach at First Baptist Church, describes herself “as a huge fan of the work and ministry of GUM.” From time to time, we ask partners to reflect on our work together to fight poverty, hunger and homelessness in Greensboro.