Second Chances

When Bruce Johnson first came to Greensboro Urban Ministry, he was scared. “I had nowhere to go and no one to call,” says Bruce. He had moved to North Carolina just a few months before after finding little hope or opportunity in Detroit.

The streets of Detroit had been harsh for Bruce. He worked hard in school as a child, but eventually the lure of the streets got to him. One bad decision after another, Bruce soon found himself with a criminal record, no job, and a life with a bleak future. Eventually, Bruce made the decision to get out. Bruce had moved in with his sister with high hopes of a fresh start and beginning a new life. When things did not work out, Bruce found himself stranded, with no place to go. He bounced from one homeless shelter to another, finding only temporary refuge. Bruce found at Greensboro Urban Ministry what he found at no place else: a second chance.

At Greensboro Urban Ministry, Bruce was provided with food, shelter, and compassion. He was given a safe place to sleep every night and three meals every day. This proved to be crucial as it allowed Bruce to focus on reshaping his life and getting out of his crisis. It also proved to be the path necessary for self-sufficiency. Today Bruce is on his way. Thanks to Lily, Bruce’s case worker who he refers to as his ‘guardian angel’, Bruce is making great strides toward acquiring a steady job and a more structured life. “Thanks to Greensboro Urban Ministry, I got my life back,” says Bruce.