Celebrating 25 Years of the Honor Card

For 25 years the William Mangum Holiday Honor Card has provided a meaningful way to recognize a friend, family member, client, or employee, while at the same time providing critical funding to support those in need. With a minimum donation of $5 per card, you receive an Honor Card which allows you to show your support for the community while acknowledging others during the holidays. What greater gift than to help those in need?

The 25th anniversary card, entitled “Fall Into Me,” focuses on our need for others in our lives. In the statement from artist, Mr. Mangum shares “Ours is a world that perpetuates a belief in self-fulfillment, the ability to make yourself happy and complete through your own efforts. But each day can be challenging. One moment, we are on top of the world fulfilling every dream we possibly could have, and then, suddenly, we stumble with disappointment. The reality of failure begins to taunt us, making us question if there is anything worth looking forward to… those moments should cause us to turn to God. When we feel we are losing our balance, He can help. When life knocks us off our feet, we don’t have to be frustrated. With God’s strength lifting us up, we can still stand strong. So often that hand up comes through the efforts of volunteers at churches, shelters, and other outreach agencies. God works through many of his faithful to be the hands of Christ to those that need an encouraging smile and assistance.”

100% of the proceeds go to Greensboro Urban Ministry to provide support for individuals in our community who are experiencing crisis.

For more information please call 336.553.2656 or email us.

To order online, please click HERE and select “William Mangum Holiday Honor Card” as your gift designation.

Beginning November 21, Honor Cards will be available at the following locations in Greensboro:

  • William Mangum Fine Art Gallery, 2166 Lawndale Drive
  • Greensboro Urban Ministry, 305 West Lee Street
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers (Friendly Center)
  • Sacred Garden Bookstore, 215 W. Fisher Ave
  • Leon’s Style Salons
  • Fleet Plummer, 2437 Battleground Ave
  • Scissor Talk, 2823-H Spring Garden Street
  • The Club, 2437 Battleground Ave
  • Various congregations throughout the city