A Life Elevated

This time of year takes me back to a New Year’s not so long ago. I moved one cold day — to the backseat of my ’98 Buick. I huddled inside a quilt my godmother made for me and started the car engine as often as I dared to try to stay warm. I landed […]

Lowering Barriers

We are building our capacity on our front lines of service. In addition, we are identifying and lowering barriers that can prevent our guests from getting the help they need. Our Board has chosen to invest a significant portion of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s endowment resources to serve our guests better. Our work has focused on […]

Beating Crisis Together

Like many young men from his generation, Harold dropped out of high school to help support his family, taking a job as a custodian and grounds maintenance employee with Guilford County Schools where he worked for twenty-nine years. Harold married, had a family, and purchased his family home. It was a happy life, with Harold […]

From Injury to Ministry

The path to one’s calling in the ministry is rarely smooth and is occasionally found in the most unlikely ways. However, God uses our life experiences and situations to accomplish his goals and serve his purpose. Such was the case of Howard Coates, a hardworking Vietnam Veteran, who had always thought to himself “I will […]

Serving the Homeless, Hungry, and Poor

At Greensboro Urban Ministry, we are committed to serving the homeless, hungry, and poor of our local community. Working in partnership with many other agencies and groups, our goal is to end homelessness and hunger. The obstacles are many, but with your help, we can make that goal a reality! Food insecurity is a plague […]

Overcoming Trauma

Crystal, a bright student who received high marks, was just a semester away from her medical assistant’s degree when she experienced a life-changing trauma that caused a bout of severe depression. As a result, Crystal dropped out of school, lost her job, lost her housing, and found herself at Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Weaver House Singles […]

Winning the Fight to End Homelessness

It was the winter that seemed to have no end. Yet, thanks to your support, we were able to help the people we serve through one of the most difficult winters in memory. Our overflow homeless population was sheltered through our WE! (Winter Emergency) Shelter sites. When winter weather caused power outages and, with it, […]

Reducing Homelessness

If it takes a village to raise a child, why should we expect less than a community effort to restore someone struggling with homelessness to self-sufficiency? For many clients at Greensboro Urban Ministry, such as Mark Lewis, the journey to self-sufficiency is supported by multiple programs, agencies, and community volunteers. A successful food and beverage […]

Feeding our Community

Food drives are a popular activity for those in the community looking to do something to help others. But, once the food is collected, where does it go? While Potter’s House Community Kitchen is nearly synonymous with Greensboro Urban Ministry, many erroneously assume the food collected in area food drives is used in the kitchen. […]

Unexpected Challenges

Claire worked minimum wage jobs most of her life never earning more than $25,000.  However, Claire says that she had a comfortable life and was able to travel a little and do the things she enjoyed.  In 2005 when she was laid off during a company merger she wasn’t concerned because she was willing to […]