Beating Crisis Together

Like many young men from his generation, Harold dropped out of high school to help support his family, taking a job as a custodian and grounds maintenance employee with Guilford County Schools where he worked for twenty-nine years. Harold married, had a family, and purchased his family home. It was a happy life, with Harold working and his wife handling their finances, since reading and arithmetic were always a struggle for Harold.

Following his wife’s passing, Harold met Capitola and a new romance blossomed, bringing happiness back to Harold’s life. This happiness was not to last though as Harold learned that his wife had taken out a second mortgage on their home unbeknownst to him. He had not paid the additional mortgage and was foreclosed upon and served with an eviction notice. Loading their possessions into Harold’s van, Harold and Capitola left their home to seek refuge with family. However, as they were turned away by first one family member and then another, they soon found themselves sleeping on a bridge and eating meals in Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Potter’s House Community Kitchen. It was there that they learned of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s other programs, including the Weaver House Night Shelter. The couple stayed in the separate dormitories of Weaver House until Harold’s social security check came, allowing them to move to a hotel, where they stayed for the next several months while waiting on public housing to have an opening.

In December, a Public Housing unit opened, but they lacked the resources to pay the necessary deposits. Turning again to Greensboro Urban Ministry, the Emergency Assistance Program was able to provide financial assistance to help the couple emerge from homelessness. The couple is now delighted to have a one bedroom apartment and are quick to give credit to those who helped them along the way, sharing “if it wasn’t for Greensboro Urban Ministry, we don’t know where we’d be.”

To hear more about the Walker’s story, please view their video below.