BB&T Lighthouse Project at Pathways Center

BB&T work at GUM's Pathways Center

BB&T Lighthouse Project shines at GUM each year, as corporate volunteers turn out to make a difference across our community.

The Dealer Commercial Services Team at BB&T chose Pathways Center for its Lighthouse Project recently and created a beautiful outdoor space for the 16 families staying in our shelter on North Church Street.

Missy Stewart, one of the team members and project coordinators, said the family shelter is an important and special place where children and parents who have lost housing can find safety and stability. “We wanted to create a family space for picnics and birthday parties,” she said. “Those are important memories for families to make.”

The team, led by Derek Lane, added grills, bird feeders, a bird house, shrubs and flowering plants. BB&T supports these employee-led projects financially and with time to volunteer. Many thanks to BB&T for building a stronger community through service! We appreciate all these teams do.