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Weaver Extension (WE!) Winter Shelters

During its 2013-14 cycle, 216 individuals were provided with shelter and connected with area resources through the WE! Program.

Homelessness is an isolating experience for individuals, but is a problem felt throughout the entire community. This problem is particularly acute during the winter months when weather conditions become life-threatening. With survival becoming the sole focus for homeless individuals, precious little time and energy are left to work on locating employment or increasing education – the very things which could help them to emerge from homelessness and obtain stable housing.

The WE! (Weaver Extension) Program provides homeless men and women with immediate relief from the elements through temporary shelter at our area winter emergency shelter sites from December 1 through March 31. Upon entering the program, guests work with Urban Ministry staff to develop a plan for permanent housing, which they then work toward during their stay. Assisted by the guidance of WE! volunteers, guests focus on improving their situation by connecting with community services, obtaining stable housing, and seeking employment to lead to self-sufficiency. The interaction of volunteers with the guests serves to engage the community and raise awareness of this problem in our community.

In addition to Greensboro Urban Ministry’s on-site overflow shelter, several sites will be assisting in providing emergency shelter during the winter. These sites include:
•Faith Step Ministries (Men)
•Grace Community Church (Men)
•Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Men)
•West Market Street United Methodist (Men)

Greensboro Urban Ministry will operate a WE! site for 15 women at the West Gate City Boulevard location.

Individuals interested in participating in the WE! Shelter program should contact the Weaver House Shelter for in-take screening and placement.  As an extension of the Weaver House Shelter Program, the WE! Shelter follows Weaver House admission guidelines.

Weaver House Desk
Phone 336.553.2665
Fax  336.553.2809

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