Pathways Studio

Pathways studios give parents a place to foster a sense of belonging during a time of tough transition.

Pathways Center for families is more than a temporary shelter for parents and their children. It is a place to plan, learn new skills, work with a case manager and share time with a devoted group of volunteers who want the 16 families living in the center to know that they are not alone in their journey back to stability.

Gin Reid Hall, a longtime Christian education and outreach professional, became Pathways Center director in March 2015. The thing that impresses her time and again is the resolve families have to work through challenges together. “I’m amazed at the families and their resilience and their dedication to the children,” she says.

“Knowing we’re not the only ones going through transition and that we’ve moving a step forward together really helps. From where we were before … it’s positive being here together.”

– a resident talking about her move

with her children to Pathways Center

Pathways’ volunteers share meals, tutoring, children’s activities, babysitting for parents and deliver household items. “It’s such a support for our residents. It lets them know they are in a community that cares for them,” Gin Reid says.

Among those residents are Mary and Kenron. Mary says the five of them have found important resources: job training, an on-site nurse, regular meetings with their case manager, and tutoring for the children.


A family’s studio dining table set with a feeling of hope and home.

Creating a sense of home and normalcy for children is challenging for parents. Pathways families live together in private studio apartments, with a kitchenette and full bathroom. Community areas offer computer and wireless access, a children’s activity room, dining room and an outdoor playground.

Recently, a new resident came to Gin Reid to share that she and her children had been in other shelters before, but never in one that showed the care and support of Pathways. “As the director here, I regularly feel great pride in the fact that Greensboro Urban Ministry has made it a priority to provide shelter for families that feels like ‘home.’ “