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Executive Director Myron Wilkins (left) and Board Chair Craig Siler get ready to take down the tents.

Executive Director Myron Wilkins (left) and Board Chair Craig Siler

For nearly 50 years, Greensboro Urban Ministry has met poverty in our community with action. Those who arrive at GUM can find resources to disrupt the cycle of short-term crisis and replace it with stability. As a longtime volunteer, I have seen many of our guests regain their footing. Their courage is inspiring.

Over half a century, you tend to learn a lot of things. GUM has worked to be a leader in learning what the poor in our community need. As chair of the Board of Directors – a dedicated group of men and women who believe all in our community deserve food, housing, dignity and respect – I can say we are still learning, and still growing, to meet our guests’ needs.

In 2015, our Board voted to spend significant cash reserves to redouble our ability to meet our guests at their point of need. Now folks at Weaver House, WE sites and Pathways shelters can navigate their journey out of crisis with a case manager. For many of our guests, this one-on-one relationship will make all the difference. They renew hope in themselves, discover possibilities — and find they are not alone.

Together, we continue these vital investments to build a stronger community. Your belief in our guests and this ministry makes this possible. Thank you for your hope and faith!

Craig Siler
Chair, Greensboro Urban Ministry Board of Directors

Rev. Myron Wilkins






I grew up in inner-city Philadelphia. What I know from growing up in a community touched by poverty is that there is an underlying, almost constant state of emergency for many people. Uncertainty wraps around men, women and families and presses in. Hard.

Finding relief is difficult. That’s what Greensboro Urban Ministry shares: relief, and hope. We try as hard as we can to say yes as often as we can with the resources we have. Our mission is to act to help those pinned to poverty’s edges.

As I have settled into Greensboro Urban Ministry this year, I have discovered the many dedicated staff members, volunteers and supporters who meet our neighbors facing poverty each day with compassion and respect. I love that our team deeply values what they can give our guests – and what our guests can give them in return.

We want to see an end to everyone’s crisis – and we pray for a day when our community will accept nothing less for every neighbor. But until that day comes, Greensboro Urban Ministry will continue to be a place of relief, and hope. Thank you for standing with us on the front lines.

Rev. Myron Wilkins
Executive Director, Greensboro Urban Ministry

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